Olympic Reflections

Amidst the spectacle and pageantry of the opening ceremonies at the Olympics, I’m always struck by the number of coaches and support folks marching in with the athletes. Nowhere is this more clear than when a smaller competing country has coaches outnumbering their athletes.

Every athlete has a coach – some have more than one. These individuals are peak performers (at the top of their game) getting feedback, encouragement, advice, and support. High functioning athletic team players have both individually focused and team coaches. Olympic athletes have reached their expert level in large part due to their own perseverance, talent, and hard work, but also from learning and adjusting through the advice of their coaches.

All too often, coaching in the business context is called into play for only top-level leaders (the Olympic leaders, if you will), and to ‘fix’ weaknesses in that individual. But great coaching plays not only at the remedial level but at the high potential level as well – building on strengths and unique individual opportunities to succeed.

What’s the upside if you were to get a coach? For your team?

Or if you already have a coach – where are you seeing fantastic wins?