Gaining Respect- Listening

Gaining Respect- Listening

You’ve had a busy week and one of those milestones we talked about last week is due on Monday.

Your team has been working their tails off to make sure that you all stay on target.

As you were just about to go grab your lunch to chow down while working on a few more items, one of your team member’s knocks on your door and says “heyyyy, do you have a minute?”

The thought runs through your head, “Ummm… I guess so, but – no – not really”

What is your next move?

It is at moments like this that we have a choice as leaders to either put our own hopes or intensions aside for our people or to just keep truckin’ along.

Take a couple of minutes and engage with your team member. A few tips on how:

  • Take a deep breath to clear your mind. Try to let go of all the stress you had and prepare to engage with this person
  • While the other person is talking, say everything they are saying, silently, back in your mind. This helps your mind to really focus on the conversation and not get distracted
  • While listening, listen for what the other person is wanting. If they say “I’ve been really stressed about this deliverable on Monday. I have been working really hard to try and get it all done but I am nervous I just won’t make it. I really want to because I know how important this is for our team!”
    • Try saying, “It sounds like your wanting to do your best on this project and to deliver on time”. This gives you a starting place!
  • Remember that acknowledgement doesn’t mean agreement! You can acknowledge what the other person is wanting without agreeing that is the best solution.

Try out these listening tips and let us know how they go! Have other tips that work for you? Let us know!

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