Define Your Objectives

Define Your Objectives

Last week was nice, right? Surprisingly, your calendar wasn’t so crazy that you were grabbing lunch as you were running into your next meeting.

But next week, you don’t even know how you’ll have time even make a pit stop to the bathroom… work is back in FULL swing!

So many times we start out January with high hopes of what will be different this year.

But then, that project that you had hanging around from December needs to be completed and you are caught between people leaving your team and onboarding the new hires – slowly those hopes of what you or your team wanted to accomplish slowly start to get pushed down on the priority list as the “fires” take all of your energy.



Step 1. Take out your calendar and block off one hour next week and one hour for the following week.

Make sure that this is time that you will really be able to spending THINKING.

And, don’t schedule over it.

Step 2. During the time you scheduled next week, think about ONE objective for either you or your team to accomplish in the next 6 months.

This could be something along the lines of driving your team to work better together or focusing on developing the skills you know you need for that promotion.

Step 3. Define (and document!) what the objective is

Step 4. Write out the ‘why’ behind it – why does this objective matter?

The why will really be your driving source of momentum.

GREAT! You’ve got what you want to do and why it matters. Next week we’ll talk about some strategies as to how to make that happen!

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