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I know they call the past couple of weeks a “holiday” but with all the work you had to cram in, in less business days, mixed with all the extra meals, celebrations, and times blocked off your calendar for family and friends, I think we got less sleep than we normally do!

This time of year, it feels like all the things you pushed off are now popping back up on your calendar in full swing.

How do you jump back in and not feel crazy overwhelmed by it all?

First, start SMALL.

At the beginning of each day, take a couple of minutes to highlight the one or two or three things that you HAVE to accomplish that day. Setting priorities for yourself helps you stay focused even when those fires start to roll.

Next, set your sights on THE END.

Things will not always be this crazy. The project or program will end. The meetings will die down. The demands will become manageable again. Take out your calendar and look at when that starts to happen.

Two or three weeks out? GREAT! You can make it through anything if you know how long it will last!

Also, DON’T FORGET about you.

Each week decide on one thing you will do to refresh yourself. Schedule it in and don’t let anything take its place. You need those couple of minutes of YOU TIME to accomplish everything you want to.

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