Take a Break- Give Your Brain a Rest

Take a Break- Mentally!

Sometimes you have one of those weeks when your brain hurts.

You know… those days or weeks where you feel like too many things went wrong and if you could just somehow give your brain the space to “think” or “rest” you might have the mental capacity to keep going.

According to a study done by Diana Rodriquez and medically reviewed by Lindsey Marcellin, MD, MPD, the stress that we have in our life can easily add up. We need to take those mental breaks, or ‘mental vacations’ as Diana writes, to relax our bodies and reduce the stress in our life.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 12.59.43 PMThis week we have another Coaching Right Now employee, Ashley Clark, with us sharing what she does to take a break mentally.

What is that thing that you love to do? I love to go out and run.

Why do you love to do that? I really appreciate the space running gives me from the busyness of every day. I feel like there are curve balls each day and change is a constant. Being able to clear my head and remove myself from the frustration that I so often feel is needed to give me the push I need to keep going. Many times, running also gives me the energy I need to come back at a difficult situation with fresh eyes.

In the midst of a busy schedule, how do you find time to do it? I schedule it in. I block time on my calendar. I am also a mom of two, so when I go on my runs I put the kids in our double stroller and take them along!

What is one tip you’d make to someone who wanted to create a little more space to do something they enjoy? First, I’d recommend scheduling it in. I am not able to run if I don’t have my time planned out each week. Second, see who else you can bring in with you. My kids love to go on runs with me. And, it makes that time even more meaningful because I can do it with my kids.

This week we’d encourage you to find something to do to take a mental break, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. The refreshed perspective will be worth it!

Take a Break- Relationships Matter

Take a Break- relationally

We spend so. much. time. at. work.

Sometimes it feels like there is no time for anything else… especially friendships.

When you are going from work to trainings and then you have that new project added on your plate (that you kinda, really want to take on) and your friends are experiencing the same thing – sometimes making time for each other feels near impossible.

Tim Leberchet, from Harvard Business Review, brought some intriguing insights into the Age of Loneliness we seem to be in. Tim had some great suggestions about how to make some more connections at work.

But building relationships outside of work is important too. Even if we don’t feel like we have the time, we need those non-work related friends!

This weekScreen Shot 2015-10-21 at 5.39.42 AM, we have Spencer Haney with us on what he loves to do [with friends] and how he makes the time!

What is that thing that you love to do?
I love watching and attending sporting events. You can’t beat a good baseball game on a nice summer day!

Why do you love to do that? Sports have always been a passion of mine. It’s more of my place to “get away” and turn off my brain to recharge. It’s also a great way to connect with other people, so it fulfills that need that I have to be social.

In the midst of a busy schedule, how do you find time to do it? Isn’t that why they invented DVR? And yes, yes I do pay a premium to record, watch later, and fast forward through commercials.

What is one tip you’d make to someone who wanted to create a little more space to do something they enjoy? Be intentional about it. Schedule time in your day or calendar to do what it is that you love and don’t be afraid to turn off your phone or leave it somewhere. This way you won’t be bothered by emails, texts, or calls. You can come back at least twice as refreshed and ready to go!

So, this week, make a choice to take a break and engage in your relationship with someone you value!

Take a Break- Outdoors

Take a Break - Outdoors


That would be nice.

It’s October – beginning the last (or first!) quarter of the year. There are new goals to hit and deadlines to monitor.

In the midst of the busyness of life, we need to make space for our body to have a break: physically, mentally, reflectively, emotionally, relationally, and creatively!

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll hear from different members of the Coaching Right Now team on what they do to recharge, and how they find the time to do it!

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 11.08.19 AMThis week, we’ve got Audra Brown with us sharing about how she takes a break!

What is that thing that you love to do? ANYTHING active outside

Why do you love to do it? The fresh air – the feeling of freedom and release

In the midst of a busy schedule, how do you find time to do it? I make it a necessity – like eating or sleeping

What is one tip you’d make to someone who wanted to create a little more space to do something they enjoy? Prioritize and feel no guilt about it!

Thank you, Audra!

To take some Audra’s thought a little further, in a study done by the Wall Street Journal people actually performed 20% better at memory related tasks after being out in nature than they did when they were on a busy street!

So, this week give yourself a mental break, prioritize it, and feel no guilt!

Would You Ask For It?

Would You Ask For It?


It seems like so many times we only think about feedback when we need to have a hard conversation with someone.

We gather the facts and then “say what we need to say.”

Can you imagine how different your team would be if they were asking for feedback? If they gave you the opportunity to share what you were thinking or seeing?

Crazy. Right?

Well, to get to that place it starts with us, as Managers, to begin that journey of asking for feedback.

Peter Bregman wrote a fabulous article called How to Ask for Feedback That Will Actually Help You.

One of his tips was to probe more deeply with questions. Asking questions in different ways helps you to get a fuller answer – painting a clearer picture of what the other person is trying to ask for.

Having trouble thinking of a couple of questions to even begin with? We’ve got a couple of ideas:

  • What is one suggestion you have that I can do to better support my team?
  • If your boss were to give me one suggestion, what would it be?
  • What part of my leadership or management style concerns you the most?
  • How well do you feel I communicate? What can I do to better communicate with those I work with?
  • What specifically could I have done better on X project?

Maybe one of these questions sparked an idea!

So, gather up your courage and go ask for some feedback!

You’ll be a better leader because of it!

Fall Break

Fall Break

If you have been out and about lately, you have probably noticed the large number of college students who happen to be around on the weekend.

For just a day or two is seems like it’s summer again. Around this time of year students enjoy “fall break”, which though is may be only a day or two off of school, allows for a much needed break.

Even though these weeks are packed and you’ve got quite a number of deliverables due, we’d recommend you find a way to give yourself a break. Take yourself out to lunch instead of chowing down on your sandwich at your desk. On Saturday, instead of doing all the things you feel like you should have been doing, enjoy the cooler weather and head to a pumpkin farm or go on a hike. Or maybe even just switch up your work set-up (you most certainly deserve that cool new mouse pad).

Even if you don’t feel like you can physically take much ‘time out’ right now, creating the space to give yourself a mental break or change is really important.

Trust us, it might just be exactly what you need.