Developing Others

Developing others – does taking the time to focus on the development of your direct reports make that much of a difference?

Studies have shown that employees are more likely to stay with a company when they feel like the company is invested in their future. When you support your direct reports in their development it will make them more effective employees and communicate that you and the company are interested in them and their career.

Where to begin? Reminder: without direction, people have a hard time thriving. In writing a development plan you have the unique opportunity to help give your direct reports direction.

So, here are a few simple tips on writing development plans and achieving goals with others.

Start with the long term. Where would they like to be 2-5 years from now? Identify a couple of growth or continued development areas that are crucial for reaching this goal.

Move to the shorter term. Select one of the areas discussed above to specifically develop in the next 6 months.

Make it tangible. From the one area selected, have your direct report brainstorm two or three ways they can specifically develop that skill. Maybe this is taking a free online class, attending a webinar, asking someone they respect for tips, completing research, engaging in coaching sessions, reading a book… the options are endless!

Insure all aspects are actionable and do-able. Have your direct report detail out a plan with dates of when they will complete each part of developing the skill. Schedule meetings with them over the next 6 months to follow up on where they are on their development, any areas they are stuck on, and how they can continue to grow.

Start now – schedule a meeting with one of your direct reports for next week!