All work and no play

The phrase “work life balance” used to get thrown around quite a bit. No one successful seemed to have it unless they were individuals at the tippy top of the organization – flying around in private jets to private islands with private yachts. This balance was incentive to prioritize, delegate, and use time more wisely. Despite getting better at prioritizing, delegating, and using time more wisely,  I found finding work life balance as infuriating as “work smarter, not harder” – as elusive as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

We’re now connected to work – and to life – in a wholly different way. I can sneak a peek in on my friends on Facebook from my laptop in the middle of a mind numbing conference call. I check and answer work emails from Asia before I go to bed because it’s morning for them, though night for me. Technology and the changing ways of managing and leading require us to integrate and prioritize work and life in a different way.

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And finally, for a chuckle on your Friday, watch what a conference call in real life might look like here.

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