Team Player


When I was in school I despised being put on work teams for schoolwork. Athletic teams were fine, but schoolwork teams made me crazy. I found  it much easier to do the whole team’s work pretty much myself and let the team take credit.

Entering the work world, I quickly found that the strategy of doing it all myself for the team was not a good one. In fact – it was a terrible strategy.

Why was I fine on the soccer field  but not a science presentation?  Why do some teams work better than others?

The ingredients for a successful team weren’t present at school, but was present on the soccer field. As a team member and leader at work, team components are crucial. Good teams need:

  • A common goal or shared vision of success
  • Clear and open communication between all team members
  • Complementary strengths and appropriate roles played by members
  • Support and optimism
  • A process for sorting out problems and conflicts

I  like this article that simplifies ideal team ingredients into Energy, Engagement, and Exploration, and ties everything into how well the team communicates.

Want more information?  Here are some more links to good team articles:

Three Qualities Every Leader Needs to Succeed on a Team

Conflict Strategies for Nice People

Go Team!

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