Make it up
As you go
Future’s wide open
Nothing’s written in stone
I can’t tell you what’s best
I don’t know what comes next
All I know is that I don’t know anything
All I got is today, and I prefer it that way
Make a plan, but I know it’s gonna change
And that’s okay
-Lyrics by the Plain White T’s

The only thing that’s certain is change.  Change is a thing that managers today need to know how to lead through.  Why?  Because as the song says, ‘nothing is written in stone’.

There are lots of models of change management.  Just Google ‘Change Management’ and you’ll see tons of examples – some simple, others complex beyond understanding.

Here’s another certain thing that models don’t often reflect, as the song says, ‘Make a plan, but I know it’s gonna change.  And that’s okay.’

The managers and teams that do the best work not only change, but do it with flexibility, positivity, and resilience.  Sometimes these things come from help on the outside with positive influencers like teachers, friends, coaches, and mentors.

Change happens –  and that’s okay.

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