Stop, Start, and Continue

Stop Light

Ever heard this? “Winners never quit and quitters never win”

I don’t think that’s wise.  Wise winners quit. In fact, people that don’t quit get stuck – and then don’t have room, bandwidth, and energy to get other, more impactful things done.

Perspective on what to do can come from within (reflection) and from others (feedback). Either way – a good, balanced model for yourself and those you manage relates to the stoplight:

  • Stop
  • Start
  • Continue

It’s pretty self explanatory, right? The important part is to balance the elements out.  Why?  Because for every stop, there’s a start and a continue (it’s aggravating to be stuck at stop all the time). The stoplight model addresses a more ‘feed forward’ approach, so you think and talk about what you’re going to do differently the next time, not how things could’ve been better the last time.

Try the stoplight way of giving yourself and others feedback instead of the ‘sandwich’ feedback model where positive stuff sandwiches the negative.

Changing and growing is a continual process of starting, quitting, and learning. Let me know how it works for you.

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